SILVER Gift Set - Key Chain & 1 Engraved Travel Charms – Traveller Charms

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✨ NEW: Customized Engravings at no extra charge ✨

SILVER Gift Set - Key Chain & 1 Engraved Travel Charms

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Make an individual Gift for a Travel Lover!


This Gift Set is a great gift for all Travel Lovers. It's also great way to remember your travel memories and experiences. The Set includes one Key Chain in the color of your choice and 1 engraved Travel Charm. 


With this Gift Set you save 4€ compared to the single product prices.


How to build your individual bundle:


1. Select Your favourite Key Chain color. 
2. Choose Your individual Travel Charms.

*NEW: You can also customize a Charm for only 2€ per Charm (max. 12 letters; due to personalization shipping will take about a week).

If you are done, simply add your bundle to the cart. As soon as we receive your order, we will fulfill it quickly and send your parcel full of Travel Memories on the journey to you ツ


✔ Collect up to 70 Travel Charms on one Key Chain
✔ You can always add new Travel Charms to Your Key Chain afterwards
✔ Free shipping on all orders over 60€ order value
✔ Fast EU-wide delivery from Germany 
✔ 100% plastic free shipping & GoGreen available




Product Data:

Key Chain:
Color: Black/Nude/Grey/Red/Brown
Material: PU Leather *VEGAN*
Length: 11,7cm/4.6"
Diameter: 6,3cm/2.48"
Thickness: 2mm/0.08"

Color: Silver 
Material: Stainless Steel 
Length: 1.4cm / 0.55 " 
Diameter Charm: 1.0cm / 0.39" 
Diameter Ring: 5.2mm / 0.20 " 
Thickness: 1.3mm / 0.05"